T H E B A N D I T S of G L A S S

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T H E B A N D I T S of G L A S S


charlotte martin

So named for his insatiable lust for destruction, the vandal is the reason we are all here. As a founding and original Glass Bandit, Tim has been making glass for over a decade.

Never overly concerned with the more subtle processes of glass making, it is incredible the breadth of form and colour this guy has achieved over the years!

I’m sure he would attribute this to his boundless enthusiasm and creativity, but we all have our suspicions about the real force behind his continued success ……






Elliot (formally known as ‘The Boy Wonder’ until he became too old for it and then known as ‘The Rocket until he became too slow) has ascended to the upper echelons of the glass making world at an alarming rate. Elliot’s glass journey began in the historic glass making region of middle earth (England) and his skills as a maker no doubt bring something exciting and dynamic to the Bandits demos but unfortunately his ego and lack of empathy tend to make him a touch socially inept. And don’t get too close as the rash may be catching……..









charlotte elliot

Lucky Charlotte is an exceptional glass maker and Artist. Once dubbed the ‘Milk Bottle Banksy’ by the Daily Mail, due to her unique form of littering.

Charlotte's work blurs the line between decorative and conceptual art.

She has travelled the world studying and demonstrating glass.....lucky for us they sent her back to the UK.....






Mr Devereux is the newest member of the bandits group. After years of pestering and prodding he has finally agreed to grace us with his presence.

James and his business partner Katy Huskie, run a highly successful glass blowing studio down in Wiltshire, and everyone reckons that they are ‘all that’!!

James’s favourite food is Carrots, his favourite colour is orange and his hobbies include looking for things in dark rooms and hiding Easter eggs from, or for children (I can’t remember which).............it must be a Southern thing..........    







Perhaps not thus dubbed for his sense of style, Sir Anthony is no doubt a connoisseur of glass. People of Anthony’s artistic breed are known as ‘cold workers’ due to their distinct lack of occupational passion, but when you spend your days covered in grit, cold water and hazardous chemical bonding agents you can hardly blame them.

Born from Italian stock Anthony’s dream is to become a TV personality and has made some progress on this count…..we are just waiting for his audition for Big Brother now…..