T H E B A N D I T S of G L A S S

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T H E B A N D I T S of G L A S S

They call us the Renagade Team...... Full-throttle..........Surreal..........Audacious.....absurd and even Bonkers!!

But then with a mottos Like

'Make it then Break it'

you can hardly blame them.





10155285_399200663556162_776433744_n bandits at Siblico

The ‘Bandits’ were asked to ‘perform’ at our open day as part of the site celebrating 125 years in operation!

It was clearly the highlight of the day, that attracted a diverse audience who were able to enjoy the skill and expertise they were both able to exhibit…….they added a real ‘wow’ factor to the day!

We are currently looking at where else we could use the performance..…..i would highly recommend them….very well organised, great interaction with the crowd and they are committed to spreading their knowledge and expertise of this dieing art!

Simon Mace

Site Manager - King's Lynn

King's Lynn Quarry, Leziate, Norfolk UK







The Bandits are like a circus troop - with fantastic skills in glass blowing. It’s more than just entertainment, it’s the awe of watching talented and creative people blowing glass with a great command of their craft. It’s magical and fun. It was perfect for the Private View of our Contemporary Glass Exhibition.

Mary Elliott, Gallery Owner









As part of London Craft Week 2016, London Glassblowing is delighted to welcome back renegade demo team, The Bandits of Glass, for another explosive day. Between 11am-4pm simply turn up and take in the action as the Midlands-based collective demonstrate their surreal take on the medium. From the most audacious cup of tea you’ll ever see, through to mind-bending fish bowls, The Bandits offer an absurd, funny, and hugely entertaining day not to be missed!